Monday, February 27, 2012

Wishing for a good night sleep

With Deirdre's teething, it's been a bumpy ride lately here...but finaly They have made an appearance; two sweet little teeth! At last a little bit of a pain break for our littlest one! I trully hope she sleeps well tonight.

As for Connor, he always sleeps well...thank goodness!

I will be breif today as I plan to post more once we are done the daycare hunt. I am working on a small project too that brought me to Ravelry... pictures to come!

For now, all I need is my bed!


Lupie said...

What is your Ravelry name?
I have a little group there with some nice people that blog.
I will send you an invite.

C&D's Maman said...

I am on there as Aranniel
Thanks! I would love to meet more people who knit and blog!