Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Daycare? Already?

Ah! Busy bees we are lately, with those two little ones of ours. It's Tuesday and I haven't posted anything since last Friday...shame on me!!!

What have I been busy doing instead of posting on my blog...or knitting...or cleaning the house...I have been busy searching for a daycare. Yep, It's that time already, and coming faster than we thought.

We found out that Connor's daycare provider is loosing her assistant and needs to reduce her ratio by 3 children by mid March. Since Connor was one of the last signed up at that daycare, he is one of those loosing his spot...and obviously, that means Deirdre won't get a spot there either. Therefore, on the Daycare Hunt we are!

What makes a good daycare to most parents?
To us, it needs lots of attention to the kids, lots of love, lots of fun, lots of safety and lots of healthy food.
It needs to be comfy, warm and clean.
It needs lots of toys and activities.
It needs good communication....and that is where we hit the road block; we live in Qu├ębec, but Daddy's French is not so great, and finding a bilingual daycare, accepting babies under 14 months, with 2 spots available...yikes, here a challenge and a half.

Hope we find something soon...oh do I ever wish we didn't even need a daycare....:(


Lupie said...

This is so hard and I feel for you. I was lucky that I had my parent living upstairs and they took care of both my girls when I went back to work and I retired after 36 years of teaching to care for their babies.
I wish you luck.

C&D's Maman said...

I so wish my mother would be close enough and willing to look after them! You are doing a great thing looking after your grandkids!