Friday, February 17, 2012

She is now Everywhere!

I am amazed at how fast Deirdre grew! I thought this amount of time passed really fast with Connor, but I realize that time went even faster with Deirdre.

She is crawling now!

And she is in everything!

And she keeps loosing her socks

And her knees are all dry and red

As I find something annoying on an every day basis, I search creatively for a stylish way to make it better...often to find out that someone already did and it's on the market somewhere. So I did find a product called SocksOn and I will be trying it shortly.

My mind has been as busy as my body this week (yes, I DID some cleaning, and the main floor now looks presentable to visitors!) and I have been planning out many projects. One thing I am most happy about is the purchase of TWO new Mini Kiwi diapers so I am on the way to disposable-free diapering.

With Deirdre being more independant (and Connor socialising with other toddlers at daycare), I was able to finish something close to my heart!

It is a Vintage Style Baby Bonnet and you can find the free pattern here. I worked on it for over a month, a few evenings at a time. I made some modification to the pattern, as you see, I put cord instead of a button. I used a baby yarn from Bernat but I can't remember which one. I think the gauge was not perfect, so it turned out a little to big for Deirdre, but I am working at adjusting it. 

Since I am still a beginner at knitting, I am pretty proud of the end result. And she will be so sweet with it this spring!


Lupie said...

I've made a few of these hats for my Ella and she looks very sweet in them. They are very warm as well.

C&D's Maman said...

Nice, seems to be a very common pattern. And pretty easy too. Do you have any pictures of the end results on your blog?

Lupie said...

Sorry I just saw this question.
If you go back to Dec 26th I have some pics also on my projects in Ravelry I'm Lupie on there.