Monday, January 30, 2012

" I - WILL - NOT - Sleeeeeeepppppp!"

Wow, what an afternoon!! She is finally took 2 hours and ended in a car ride! Where did my good sleeper go? She used to be so easy to put to bed during the day, and make wonderful naps! Now, ever since she got sick last week, she is IMPOSSIBLE!! Deirdre is 8 months old, teething her first teeth, on the end of a cold, and discovering she can move herself around as she pleases....all that, and all of a sudden, without notice, she throws her good sleep schedule out the window! Sure she wants to have fun! And she does...but she IS tired, and restless, and cranky...and what does that leave me? Tired and cranky! LOL

I was just reading on a method to help baby fall asleep without parental help. They call it 5-10-15. It consist on waiting longer and longer before going to see baby when they cry in their bed. I did it with my son, when he was 19 months old, and it worked wonders. The daycare where he goes does it to, so they did it when he was 9 months old...but here at home, with a baby so young, I'm not convinced....The article about that method explained how great it worked, but then people commented about other articles that talk about studies proving it is psychologically bad for baby to do that...What are we to believe.

In details, the 5-10-15 method consist on putting baby in their bed, then wait 5 minutes before checking on them. If baby is not crying, you can wait longer. After checking on them, calming them, giving back a soother, all that without taking baby out of their room, leave them in the bed again and wait 10 minutes, check on them again, calm them, then wait 15 minutes before coming back. Generally, by the end of the 45 minutes, baby fell asleep...and after 2 or 3 days of doing that, baby understand that its bed time when you put them in their crib...

It worked great with my son...but he was much older when I did Deirdre too young you think?

Making plans for the day...than what?

Every morning I get up with a big plan of action for the day; I will clean the kitchen, fold the laundry, wash diapers, make puree, wash the floors, vaccum the living room, and hopefully pre-make dinner for tomorrow and the day after...

At the end of the day, however, I may have done one or two of these things. Because the minute Deirdre takes a nap, all I want to do is sit and relax, write a bit here, do some research, talk on facebook, anything you can think of on a computer (including video games) but no chores.

I'm sure many other moms feel the same. Do you? Oh, but I'm sure all you other moms out there don't give in to the laziness as much as I do...or do you?

So now I am planning on getting motivated to get my bum off that computer chair and do some work. What should I start with....something quiet...don't want to wake up the baby! So I'll fold laundry mabe? That is not too much fun, but hey, it needs to be done!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One little bit at a time!

Shutt!!! Deirdre is sleeping! I am taking advantage of that little free time, while Daddy took Connor to do groceries...I can't get Deirdre to sleep with Connor in the house...Poor thing, she has a hard time with teething.
After a not so bad attempt last week at pureeing Deirdre's food, I thought I should always make it myself. "Wow, that's quick and easy!" but that didn't last, since the two little cube you see in my fridge are the only two I have...maybe I should buy more? One little thing at a time. So, getting motivated to puree my own baby food will have to go hand in hand with keeping the kitchen clean. Since Deirdre is getting more independent, that might not be so hard. If only she would be able to sit or crawl without falling face first on the kitchen floor. Poor little one.
Deirdre's food and juice! Yumi!Shut
So the idea came to my mind to put aside the cloth diaper project and dedicate my sewing machine to making Deedee a protective floor mat for the kitchen...That might work! Any ideas how to do that?

Well, I still have to concentrate on one little thing at a time; and the one little thing I have to do now, while she sleeps, is empty the dishwasher...Yeah!!Oh, and fold the laundry...wait, that's two things now!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wow! a lot of work ahead!

Well, blogging away as my youngest is sleeping...I realize I have a LOT of work to do if I want to put up every topic I have in mind. See, one of my biggest flaw is organization. How can you have two kids and have zero organisation? You just follow my example....and your house will look like mine too! LOL

Well, first I want to start by getting a truck load of motivation. Yeah, I've heard it before, just apply at home what your employer's motivational speaker talked sounds great in an office setting, in theory, but back home with the little ones, when you barely sleep...not so motivational if you ask me!

So here came my existential questioning; how do other moms manage having a spotless house, knitting, sewing, crafting, pureeing baby food, cooking healthy meals for the family....all that, while looking after one, two, three children, at least one of them under 1 year old? And still have time to take a warm bath, read a book, watch TV and spend quality time with their husband, without getting burned out? All that still baffles me, I must be so off that motherhood thing cause that really isn't what is happening in my house. So where did I miss the memo about the instructions to be the mom described above?

Well, that is what I am planning to figure out, by myself and with some research...but mostly, by trying to get more organized. That would help I suppose....

And energy would help too. I have heard that before as well; the more energy you spend, the more you will get. True, but here comes motivation again...gee, I keep missing out on that one when the motivational train passes by. Hope I won't miss that train next time, cause my house sure needs it, my back too, and that little big extra fat comfortably sleeping on my hips...did you see a train with some motivation passing by?

Hello world, here is my blog!

Well, this is my first post! I thought I could share with the world! I have been obsessing with making cloth diapers for a little while and finally started making something out of it. My first fitted diaper!

I had started another blog, I speak French, but it's too much work to constantly translate my this one, English only, désolée for the Frenchies, but I had to choose!

I was inspired to start blogging about life with my little ones after reading another blog, by a mom of 5! Wow, how does she do it, I can barely survive my own 2 kids! But it really opened my eyes on a lot of possibilities to my life easier when you have very little time for your self, let alone to keep up with the house and the kids, and the budget....What is it going to be when I go back to work in April? Well, time will tell.

First I had already discussed at the beginning of this post that I started making my own cloth diapers. I will post about that in details in later posts, but I want to say that it will save us a lot of money! I already had 2 dozens of flannel flat diapers that I bought 2 years ago for my son. For 30$ at Walmart I had 12 diapers, add 2 diaper covers for 10$ each and good to go! But I didn't like having to fold them, and baby wasn't comfy, so I decided to convert them all into contour diapers.