Monday, January 30, 2012

" I - WILL - NOT - Sleeeeeeepppppp!"

Wow, what an afternoon!! She is finally took 2 hours and ended in a car ride! Where did my good sleeper go? She used to be so easy to put to bed during the day, and make wonderful naps! Now, ever since she got sick last week, she is IMPOSSIBLE!! Deirdre is 8 months old, teething her first teeth, on the end of a cold, and discovering she can move herself around as she pleases....all that, and all of a sudden, without notice, she throws her good sleep schedule out the window! Sure she wants to have fun! And she does...but she IS tired, and restless, and cranky...and what does that leave me? Tired and cranky! LOL

I was just reading on a method to help baby fall asleep without parental help. They call it 5-10-15. It consist on waiting longer and longer before going to see baby when they cry in their bed. I did it with my son, when he was 19 months old, and it worked wonders. The daycare where he goes does it to, so they did it when he was 9 months old...but here at home, with a baby so young, I'm not convinced....The article about that method explained how great it worked, but then people commented about other articles that talk about studies proving it is psychologically bad for baby to do that...What are we to believe.

In details, the 5-10-15 method consist on putting baby in their bed, then wait 5 minutes before checking on them. If baby is not crying, you can wait longer. After checking on them, calming them, giving back a soother, all that without taking baby out of their room, leave them in the bed again and wait 10 minutes, check on them again, calm them, then wait 15 minutes before coming back. Generally, by the end of the 45 minutes, baby fell asleep...and after 2 or 3 days of doing that, baby understand that its bed time when you put them in their crib...

It worked great with my son...but he was much older when I did Deirdre too young you think?

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