Sunday, January 29, 2012

One little bit at a time!

Shutt!!! Deirdre is sleeping! I am taking advantage of that little free time, while Daddy took Connor to do groceries...I can't get Deirdre to sleep with Connor in the house...Poor thing, she has a hard time with teething.
After a not so bad attempt last week at pureeing Deirdre's food, I thought I should always make it myself. "Wow, that's quick and easy!" but that didn't last, since the two little cube you see in my fridge are the only two I have...maybe I should buy more? One little thing at a time. So, getting motivated to puree my own baby food will have to go hand in hand with keeping the kitchen clean. Since Deirdre is getting more independent, that might not be so hard. If only she would be able to sit or crawl without falling face first on the kitchen floor. Poor little one.
Deirdre's food and juice! Yumi!Shut
So the idea came to my mind to put aside the cloth diaper project and dedicate my sewing machine to making Deedee a protective floor mat for the kitchen...That might work! Any ideas how to do that?

Well, I still have to concentrate on one little thing at a time; and the one little thing I have to do now, while she sleeps, is empty the dishwasher...Yeah!!Oh, and fold the laundry...wait, that's two things now!

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