Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello world, here is my blog!

Well, this is my first post! I thought I could share with the world! I have been obsessing with making cloth diapers for a little while and finally started making something out of it. My first fitted diaper!

I had started another blog, I speak French, but it's too much work to constantly translate my this one, English only, désolée for the Frenchies, but I had to choose!

I was inspired to start blogging about life with my little ones after reading another blog, by a mom of 5! Wow, how does she do it, I can barely survive my own 2 kids! But it really opened my eyes on a lot of possibilities to my life easier when you have very little time for your self, let alone to keep up with the house and the kids, and the budget....What is it going to be when I go back to work in April? Well, time will tell.

First I had already discussed at the beginning of this post that I started making my own cloth diapers. I will post about that in details in later posts, but I want to say that it will save us a lot of money! I already had 2 dozens of flannel flat diapers that I bought 2 years ago for my son. For 30$ at Walmart I had 12 diapers, add 2 diaper covers for 10$ each and good to go! But I didn't like having to fold them, and baby wasn't comfy, so I decided to convert them all into contour diapers.

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