Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring brings many things!

It's been a while since I posted here, due to lack of time in the past few weeks mostly, but time is coming back on my side! Spring has finally made itself felt in my cold corner of Qu├ębec and snow is actually melting!

What are the things Springs brings my way?

Connor and Deirdre just started a new daycare together.

Lee is starting a new client search campaign for his business he thought he was going to quit

I queued and downloaded at least a dozen knitting patterns on Ravelry

I am looking for a transfer from my department to another one

I feel the need to clean the house top to bottom...and get rid of A LOT of junk

I am about to have much more time to sew cloth diapers

I put the first load of freshly laundered diapers on the drying rack Outside to dry!

Connor is become a nicer and more polite little boy every day, helping his baby sister do all sorts of things!

Deirdre is almost walking already!

And with Spring, a new fresh start to this blog is about to begin!

Don't worry, I know I promised a picture of Daddy's will come!