Saturday, February 11, 2012

The inconvenience of thumb vs. soother

Well, it's been a rough last week! I didn't get to post and do much online this week since Deirdre was "sick" with teething and all that comes with it! A low fever, refusal to eat, or drink from her bottle, over clignyness...leaving me pretty tired. I guess what I find now as being the hardest thing to deal with from my mommy point of view, is the pain she now has in sucking her thumb. Deirdre completely stop seeing soothers as soothing object around the age of 3 months...she thinks its a nice teether, but no good to suck on, her thumb is much better! But with the increased salivation of teething, and the increased switch from sucking to chewing on that poor thumb of hers, she made herself a few blisters. And they hurt!

 I took her to the pharmacy last night to see if their is any safe cream I could put on it to help it heal and take away the pain...low and behold, there seems to be nothing...and the pharmacist even told me to stop her from sucking her thumb for a few days! Putting on Polysporin and a little mitten for 3 days!

 I thought bed time would be a battle of accrobatics as she would fight to put her thumb in her mouth...but it wasn't that bad, and she slept great!

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