Friday, February 3, 2012

How about a cloth diaper review?

Mini Kiwi One Size Pocket Diaper
Deirdre warring a Mini Kiwi
inside the Mini Kiwi diaper
This morning, I thought I could give my two cents about my super favourite Cloth Diaper! If you ane not from Québec, you may not have heard of it, but it really is a great diaper. I uploaded a review of it on my YouTube Channel . The company is called Mini Kiwi , and their website is unfortunately only in French. It doesn't change that I love this diaper. It is essentially a bamboo diaper. It comes in Snaps and Velcro. It's one size, 6 to 35 lbs adjustable with 3 rows of snaps. The inside is made of Bamboo fleece and no matter how wet the insert is, it will remain fairly dry to the touch. Deirdre went for a 3 hours nap with one and it was very wet when she got up, but it still felt dry. The inserts that come with it are a combo of Bamboo knit and Micro Terry Cotton. The big insert is meant to grow with your child with 2 rows of snaps to adjust. That one is a good overnight insert, it has a 3 layer system combining bamboo and Terry and let me tell you, that one absorbs!!A LOT! The other insert is thin and made of Bambo knit and it does the job too, without the bulkiness. What I really like about that diaper is the double gussets. I never had leaks of any kind with that diaper, and it makes a better fit around the legs.

Mini Kiwi also works together with the Pissenlit et Coccinelle company to sell a cloth diaper safe diaper change cream. I use it and LOVE it. It is called Patatras. You really don't need much. And it smells great too. 

For the diaper, I paid roughly 26$ CAD in a local store, and for Patatras, 14$ CAD for a 60 ml container. 

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